Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adventures in Low Sodium Eating

Happy Spring!

Since my last post we have had many ups and downs.  Roughly two months ago we were slowly getting back on track when the Mr. went to the doctor for a sinus infection.  His blood pressure was fairly high, which was worrisome.  He soon after began taking medication for this and having a drastic change in diet.  Except for a brief hiccup early on when they had to change his medication this has been going surprisingly well so far and he is down 20 pounds and we are getting more healthy overall.  There have been some definite challenges and learning opportunities along the way.  We have been chronicling many of our meals over on the Facebook page, so if you haven't checked that out please drop by and give us a like.

One of the biggest challenges has been lunches during the work day.  Our workplace is under construction and we have been without a break room the duration of this low sodium adventure, which makes taking meals to work difficult.  Though we do live close to our place of work it takes time to get home, heat/prepare lunch, eat and get back.  Inevitably we are gone more than the allotted 30 minute lunch break.  He is on salary, and it is not usually a problem, however I am hourly and while my supervisor is understanding, it is not ideal.  This is where the fast-food habits come in.  Now suddenly with low sodium restrictions fast food has gotten even harder.  Do you know how much sodium there is in things?  Especially from a fast food joint?  Let us just say that options are limited.  Couple with that the small town in which we live and options shrink even more.  Thankfully the fast food chains all have their nutritional information online, and we are resourceful people.  He has eaten a lot of Subway's tuna and a fair amount of the other limited choices in the last 7 weeks.

I plan to add in some of the products that we have discovered, some tips for seasoning food without adding salt, and more.  Tell us what you would find useful.  We would love to think we could help others who may be in a similar boat, or who want to change their habits before health concerns become a problem.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Year One

Well, as you can imagine, or if you follow our Facebook page you know, the great start didn't last too long.  We made it for a couple of months (the first month was sugar/processed free with very little exceptions), then gradually fell completely off the wagon.  We do make an effort once in a while and have attempted a few re-starts.  It is hard, I won't lie.

Recently we have made another new start.  This time I also made an appointment with a doctor.  Long story short, I now HAVE to be healthier.  Aside from weighing me they also ordered some blood labs.  The findings were only a little shocking.  My lipids are pretty high, doctor recommended diet and exercise *shock!* for that.  She also tested my thyroid hormone levels, which turned out to be low.  This explains some of the issues I've been having as it turns out.  She also recommended that I get off my ass (not her words) and get a mammogram.  With my family history, and turning 45 it was actually a bit past time I do this.  So I sat in her parking lot afterward and called the facility and they were able to get me in that afternoon.  It was a great day, I took myself out for a date and kicked around, bought myself lunch at my favorite Turkish restaurant (mmmm their red lentil soup is amazing).  The tech that did my mammogram mentioned that since it was my first time they would probably order some further images, so I wasn't surprised when they did order more images.  Then I saw that it was for the left side only.  Hmm.  Curious.  Suspicious.  Sure enough, when they did the further imaging they found something concerning and I was scheduled for a biopsy.  The biopsy was this past Wednesday.  Yesterday (Friday) I was relieved to find out that the biopsies showed not trace of cancer.  Let me back up a second.  My mother and her mother both passed from breast cancer. Mom at 51 and Grandma at 63.  Both WAY too young.  As relieved as I was, there was another shoe to drop.  In spite of there not being cancer there was still enough abnormality that they want to take it out.  So now Monday I have an appointment with the surgeon who will do the lumpectomy.

Why am I talking about this on this healthy eating blog?  Because it is all about health.  I am determined to become healthier.  I have too many plans, and too many reasons to become healthy and this last couple of weeks has reiterated that to me tenfold.  So that's my mantra.  Lower the lipids, take the thyroid meds, exercise more.  Play with my granddaughters.  Enjoy life.  Live.  Not just exist.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bad Blogging

So it took me so long to "finish" that "First Week" post that it has now been two weeks. I wanted to post every week, and I promise I have more stories to tell. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The First Week

It was a week of good food and very little sugar or processed foods. There were challenges. There were some really yummy meals. (Many of which were documented on the facebook page) Friday we had planned a night out with friends and knew we would be eating dinner out after seeing a movie. We decided to treat ourselves a little, but we did pretty well. 

My favorite thing I have eaten so far:

Greek Gods plain yogurt with honey and cinnamon added. Layered with fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and nectarine) and amazing granola from the Farmer's Market. (Made by Robin Lane) I drizzled honey between the layers and on top too. So. Delicious. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Facebook Page

We have a facebook page to help us record our journey. Right now most of the traffic to this blog comes here from there, but just in case you come here from elsewhere, please do visit us there as well. :) Thanks for being interested. If you have any tips, recipes, or suggestions let us know. 

This is Brad's breakfast. 
facebook page

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Beginning

We, as a family, are trying something new. This is something that we have been heading toward, but after watching FED UP  (a 2014 documentary from Executive Producer Katie Couric about the addictive nature of our food) we decided that now is the time. We are giving up processed foods and extremely limiting our sugar intake. We are addicts. This is already hard. We are only on day one. 

We began this morning by walking to the farmer's market and grocery store. Wow, you can really skip a lot of the grocery store when you are giving up processed foods.

Day one is coming to a close and we are all kind of twitchy. The addiction is real folks.  Dinner was delicious though. :) - Jen