Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adventures in Low Sodium Eating

Happy Spring!

Since my last post we have had many ups and downs.  Roughly two months ago we were slowly getting back on track when the Mr. went to the doctor for a sinus infection.  His blood pressure was fairly high, which was worrisome.  He soon after began taking medication for this and having a drastic change in diet.  Except for a brief hiccup early on when they had to change his medication this has been going surprisingly well so far and he is down 20 pounds and we are getting more healthy overall.  There have been some definite challenges and learning opportunities along the way.  We have been chronicling many of our meals over on the Facebook page, so if you haven't checked that out please drop by and give us a like.

One of the biggest challenges has been lunches during the work day.  Our workplace is under construction and we have been without a break room the duration of this low sodium adventure, which makes taking meals to work difficult.  Though we do live close to our place of work it takes time to get home, heat/prepare lunch, eat and get back.  Inevitably we are gone more than the allotted 30 minute lunch break.  He is on salary, and it is not usually a problem, however I am hourly and while my supervisor is understanding, it is not ideal.  This is where the fast-food habits come in.  Now suddenly with low sodium restrictions fast food has gotten even harder.  Do you know how much sodium there is in things?  Especially from a fast food joint?  Let us just say that options are limited.  Couple with that the small town in which we live and options shrink even more.  Thankfully the fast food chains all have their nutritional information online, and we are resourceful people.  He has eaten a lot of Subway's tuna and a fair amount of the other limited choices in the last 7 weeks.

I plan to add in some of the products that we have discovered, some tips for seasoning food without adding salt, and more.  Tell us what you would find useful.  We would love to think we could help others who may be in a similar boat, or who want to change their habits before health concerns become a problem.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. congrats to all ya'all!! we is all proud of you, sincerely